3 Reasons You Should Get A Skin Analysis

Your skin is easy to take for granted. It sticks with you everyday, never complaining no matter how many sunburns or stove burns you give it. But a closer look at your skin reveals a world of information that could make you healthier, happier, and looking younger.

A free skin analysis at Allure Med Spa will reveal your skin type (most people get this wrong!) and give you specific, helpful insights on how to keep your skin looking and feeling great. Here are the three biggest reasons you should get a skin analysis.


1. You’ll stop spending money on products you don’t need.

The beauty products industry is full of advertisements that invent problems and then tell you how to solve them. People buy these products based on unfounded feelings rather than scientific knowledge about their skin’s condition.

With a skin analysis, you can arm yourself with facts about your skin in order to pinpoint exactly what product you may need. And who knows—you may not need any expensive lotions or creams at all!


2. Skin experts can identify issues you were unaware of.

Our analysts use special fluorescent lights to look deep into and under your skin. This lamp can show us volumes about your skin that was not visible on the surface.

Based on the amount of oil your sebaceous glands produce, as well as the general quality and health of your skin cells, we can determine your skin type. There are five skin types:

1. Normal

2. Oily

3. Dry

4. Sensitive

5. Combination

Only an expert skin analyst can determine what skin type you have. That knowledge will help you make informed decisions about your skin.


3. Skincare analysts can pinpoint the root of your skin problems.

Is your skin oily because you eat too much sugar? Is it dry because of your soap? Is it sensitive because of your detergent? It’s easy to see the symptoms of a skin problem, but hard to pinpoint the cause.

Allure skin analysts can read into the underlying causes of your problems and identify skin disorders as well as easy lifestyle changes you could make. No more guesswork in the beauty aisle of the grocery store. We’ll give you an easy guide to your skincare.


Call Allure Med Spa today at (417) 720-1672 or schedule a consultation online now. We’ll work with you to identify the problems facing your skin and how you can have yourself looking younger and healthier again.

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