3 Things You Need to Start Summer

Over the years your body has grown and shrunk, and maybe even seen some ink. Summer is just around the bend—is your skin ready to show itself to the sun?

Before you head to the beach or the picnic blanket, we have a few treatments that could help you tighten up your belly, arms and neck and clear up your skin from tattoos.

1. Vanquish Plus

Vanquish Plus is a totally non-invasive fat melting procedure that uses radiofrequency waves to target and destroy fat cells. We wrap a device around your midsection that shoots radio waves at your problem areas. These waves are energetic enough to rupture fat cells without damaging any of your tissues.

We also use a handheld device that uses the same fat melting method to target your arms, neck and other areas where your body holds stubborn fat. With several treatments over the course of a few weeks, you could see a slimmer profile and waistline by the time the thermometer hits 85 degrees.

2. HCG

Human chorionic gonadotropin (aka HCG) is naturally occurring hormone which, when injected under your skin, causes weight loss and transforms your metabolism to make it easier to maintain that weight loss.

HCG reduces your appetite to help your body adjust to its new shape. We only use pharmaceutical strength HCG. And since our physicians supervise the whole process, you can feel assured that the procedure will be safe and effective.

3. Tattoo Removal

You’ve let your tattoo hang around for too long. There will never be a better time to finally get rid of than this spring.

All tattoos are different, but the removal process is the same for each. Our lasers are able to switch frequencies depending on the ink color we’re trying to remove. That means every inch of your tattoo can be removed over time. No more keeping a sweater or long pants on to cover up your regrettable tattoo.

All three of these treatments are safe and simple, and you can get started on them right away before summer starts. Just call Allure Med Spa at (417) 720-1672 or schedule an appointment with our expert team online.

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