5 Free Units of Botox!

botox party

Throw a Botox Party!

The rest of the world will wonder how you always look stunning, but only you and your friends will know the secret: having good friends that you can share laughter and wine with—and now, Botox!

You’ve been nervous about getting it done by yourself, but what if all of your friends got Botox with you? You can all take the plunge together and make a party out of it.


1-Pick a Day

Contact Allure Med Spa to set up your party and find a time that works best for you. You can host the party at your home, or you can host it at the spa. Whatever works best for you!


2-Invite Your Friends

Send out invitations to all your friends. Everyone likes getting fun, colorful cards in their mailbox.


3-Throw a Party!

On the big day, our RN Kelly will come to your house with enough Botox for everyone who wants to have it done. No one should feel pressure to get it done, even if they said they would before. The party will be fun as well as comfortable for everyone.

Botox treatment at home is 100% safe. The entire process will be supervised by Kelly, a Board-certified Registered Nurse who specializes in Botox.


4-Get Free Botox!

Besides having all of your friends over, one perk of a Botox party is that the host will get $50 off their Botox treatment! Each of the party guests will also get $2 off each Botox unit.


Huge discounts combined with a girls’ night-in will make for a memorable night for you and your girlfriends! Call us at (417) 720-1672 or get in touch with us online to schedule your party now.

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