Is Laser Hair Removal Really Worth It?


It’s terrifying enough to make you wake up in a cold sweat, afraid to see that image from your dreams again. It haunts you:

the price of razors at the grocery store

The average cost of shaving cream and razors over a two-month period is between $25-$30. That’s $180 per year. Add up the costs of a lifetime of shaving beginning in your teens and you’re looking at a bill upwards of $7500 just to keep your legs smooth. Not to mention the time you spend balanced precariously in the shower.

You have an alternative: laser hair removal. It’s a simple, common process that can eliminate shaving your legs altogether. Simply put, we use a laser to eliminate your hairs from the root so they won’t grow back.

Smooth legs are attainable year-round with next to no effort, and the best part is, it saves you money too.

Laser hair removal costs $4000 on average. That’s more than a penny, but compared to the effort and cash you’ve sent down the drain with your leg hairs, it’s a small expense. You can wear a summer dress without a second thought and skip the Friday night dash to the razor aisle on date night.

The procedure is more common than you might think. As more people feel the pain of hollowing out their purses for razors, they’re turning to spas like Allure Med Spa that can give them the same results with none of the headaches.

The best time for laser hair removal is during the dark winter months. Recovery is faster and easier when your skin is exposed to as little as sunlight as possible. So while you’re stuck inside in your sweatpants, you could be preparing for a shave-free summer.

Cross off shaving permanently from your to-do list. Call Allure Med Spa today at (417) 720-1672 or schedule your consultation online.

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