Liz’s Story

Liz is a real patient of ours who wanted to share her experience with our Vanquish treatment:

“I had been hearing about the Vanquish treatments and really wanted to try it myself, however skeptical I was.  My first visit I learned about the science behind the process and it made complete sense.  So, I signed up.  The process was so easy, very little discomfort, no down time and voila…great results.  I’ve lost 3 ½ inches from my mid-section, and I continue to slim down as the fat continues to dissolve and flush out of my system.

I would definitely recommend the treatment, for women like me, who have tried everything to get rid of that spare tire and have had no success.  It truly is an amazing process.

One of the best parts of losing those inches is I ordered a pair of shorts online in my size.  But when they arrived, they were way too big!  I knew I had lost the inches, but didn’t put it together that it would mean a smaller size.  My clothes fit better, I have a waist again and I am really happy with the way I look.  The best part is the compliments.  Everyone has noticed the difference and nothing feels better than that!

Thanks to Allure Medical Spa, I feel better than I have in years!”

Liz Delany

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