How would you like to never shave again?

September marks the end of swimsuit season, but did you know it marks the very beginning of laser hair removal season?

Doctors recommend having the laser hair removal procedure done during the cooler months. But before we talk about that, what is laser hair removal?


How does laser hair removal work?

Laser hair removal works by aiming a laser at the hair follicles under your skin. The laser burns away the hair from the root, preventing any future growth. You can kiss your razor goodbye.

The most popular locations for this treatment include the underarms, legs, chin, upper lip and bikini line. The best course usually involves 4-6 treatments, with 3-8 weeks in between treatments. That means by the time the sun peeks out again next summer, you could be free of your razor for swimsuit season!

When is the best time for laser hair removal?

Doctors recommend doing laser hair removal treatments during the fall and winter months because the procedure works best on untanned skin. The laser is able to locate the hair follicles more effectively when there is less melanin present in the skin. Your skin also recovers more easily when it is not in the sun all the time.

There are very few side effects to the laser hair removal treatment, the most common being redness and minor swelling, that disappears within a few hours of the treatment. That means you could have the treatment in the morning and return to your afternoon routine with no disruption.


Now is the time to sign up for laser hair removal! Your spring self will thank you for it.

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