Staying Hydrated During Vanquish Treatments Is Key

You’ve heard that the earth is 70% made up of water. The same is true of your body. Even though you stand on two feet, those feet are mostly water.

During the Vanquish fat melting treatment, we’ll be using a radio frequency device to destroy fat cells in your midsection. The procedure is painless and completely non-invasive, but the transformation going on underneath the skin is dramatic. It’s important to stay hydrated during Vanquish for two reasons.

  1. Vanquish destroys fat cells—and the water in them.

Since your body is 70% water, all of your cells are also 70% water. That means even though we’re getting rid of your unwanted fat, a portion of your body’s hydration goes along with it.

Staying hydrated before, during and after the procedure will help your body stay healthy and well-functioning during its period of transformation. Hydration helps you avoid headaches, lets your body heal more quickly, and helps your body adjust to its new, lighter self.

  1. Water helps your body flush out the fat.

One of the great aspects of Vanquish is that it lets your body naturally flush out the fat cells. Water is the lubricant in your body’s machinery that helps the flushing process go much more smoothly and easily.

Along with replacing water lost in the destroyed fat cells, staying hydrated means the fat cells will disappear more quickly during the days after treatment. Your circulatory and digestive systems will be able to do their work with all the resources they need.

When you’re ready to start melting fat with Vanquish, give us a call at (417) 720-1672 or schedule your consultation online.

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