The Best Time for Laser Hair Removal

The sun is out, the sky is blue, and it’s 80 degrees—unfortunately, these are things you won’t be hearing for another few months. But when the time comes for shorts and swimsuits, will your skin be ready? If you’ve been thinking about laser hair removal, you may not know that winter is the best time to begin treatment.

Doctors recommend staying out of sunlight for the weeks leading up to and following your procedures, because the laser works most effectively on untanned skin. Additionally, it is necessary to stay out of the sun after your treatments are completed to protect your skin and hair follicles from damage.

Laser hair removal works like this: we target our laser at individual hair follicles under the skin. The laser then burns the hair follicle until it no longer grows. We can pinpoint hair on virtually every part of the body except around the eyes, to avoid the laser impairing your vision. The most popular areas are the legs, upper lip, bikini line, chin and underarms.

Depending on the shade of your hair and skin and where on your body you would like to focus, we recommend 4-6 treatments to remove unwanted hair, with 3-8 weeks in between treatments. If you want to have your skin looking great for summer, you’ll need to start your laser hair removal treatments as soon as possible. There’s no point in waiting until summer has already come and gone.

With freezing winds and frosty air for another month or two, you won’t be going outside too often at this time of year. Fill that time with something beneficial for your skin and your happiness.

Now is your chance to have your skin looking and feeling as smooth as you’ve always wanted with the help of laser hair removal. When the sun comes out again in summer, you’ll feel confident and ready for anything. Just give us a call at (417) 720-1672, and we’ll help you through every step towards your goal.

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