The Best Time for Tattoo Removal

There’s never a better time than winter to get rid of your unwanted tattoos. For whatever reason you want to remove your tattoo, now is the best time to schedule an appointment with us. Here’s why:

Tattoo removal is performed with the use of a laser, and should be performed only by trained technicians who are medically supervised. The laser works by targeting the ink pigments in your skin at different frequencies, breaking up the ink so your body can gradually absorb it.

The best results are achieved when there is as little pigmentation in the skin layer itself as possible—meaning that when your skin is paler and lighter in wintertime, it is in the ideal shape to be targeted by our laser.

No matter the color, size or placement of your tattoo, we can consult with you to find the optimum number and frequency of treatments to restore your skin to the way it used to be. Give us a call today at 417-720-1672 or schedule an appointment online.

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