4 Reasons You’ll Be Glad You Got Vanquish Instead of Liposuction

You might have read our blog post about all the reasons why Vanquish is a better fat melting treatment than CoolSculpting®. But what if you’re thinking about going under the knife to slim down or tighten up parts of your body you’d like to improve? It’s an important decision, which is why you deserve the best possible results. To help you along the way, this post explains the differences between liposuction and Vanquish—and why we think Vanquish is a better treatment for your body, your health, and your confidence.

How do liposuction and Vanquish work?

Liposuction has been around for about 45 years, so you might already know that it’s a cosmetic surgical procedure that removes fat from certain areas of the body. It uses a vacuum-like device to suck fat (hence the “suction” part) from your midsection, thighs, booty, arms, or neck. It’s not recommended as an overall method of weight loss, but it can contour areas of the body you want to slim down and be a complementary treatment to the weight loss methods you’re already doing.

Vanquish is a totally different process. It uses a large warming device to gently heat and destroy fat cells in your midsection (and Vanquish Exilis, a similar treatment offered at Allure, can target fat cells in other parts of your body).

The process itself isn’t the only thing that sets Vanquish apart from liposuction, though both treatments are effective ways to contour your body. We’ve broken out four more differences between these two treatments—and when you’re done reading about them, you’ll be glad you did before making that liposuction appointment.

What’s laser liposuction?

Laser liposuction is a newer alternative to traditional liposuction. It uses a laser to melt away fat under the skin instead of the suctioning method. It eliminates the need for a hospital stay, but the side-effects can still be severe. Infections, dimpled skin, and post-procedure pain are all risks laser lipo patients could experience. Not to mention some of the existing risks that come with liposuction.

Vanquish Springfield Mo 2
Vanquish Springfield Mo 2

4. Vanquish is a safer, non-invasive alternative to Liposuction.

Vanquish’s proven, FDA-approved technology heats stubborn fat cells until they break down and transform into waste, which your body then naturally flushes away—no anesthesia or needles required. It’s completely painless and relaxing enough that Kelly’s Vanquish clients often doze off during the treatment.

On the other hand, liposuction is a surgical procedure. There are always risks associated with surgery you should keep in mind, like bleeding, infections, and negative reactions to anesthesia. Not to mention the general discomfort and anxiety that comes with surgery.

3. Vanquish has virtually NO side-effects or downtime, unlike Liposuction. 

When you get your Vanquish treatments at Allure, you’ll be in and out of our treatment room in about an hour and back to business as usual. And since the Vanquish device doesn’t come into contact with your skin, it doesn’t cause side effects other than some slight, temporary pinkness around the treated area.

There are some considerable side-effects associated with liposuction:

  • Numbness, bruising, swelling, and soreness
  • Scarring and changes in skin color
  • Wavy, dimpled, or bumpy skin (more on that in a minute!)
  • Fluid imbalances
  • Pain that may last for several days and require medication

Liposuction is an outpatient procedure, but it still requires a few days of downtime while your body recovers. That means time taken off from work and avoiding any physical activity.

2. Vanquish’s results are more even than liposuction.

Remember how we mentioned a possible side effect of liposuction is wavy, uneven skin? That’s because the uneven removal of fat can and does happen. To fix this, many specialists recommend getting even more liposuction.

But those uneven results can also be fixed with Vanquish. In fact, Kelly has treated plenty of clients who weren’t happy with their liposuction results.

Of course, you could always skip the possibility of rippled-looking skin and go with a fat melting treatment like Vanquish that treats entire affected areas at once, ensuring a smoother result.

1. Vanquish is more affordable.

Average cost of liposuction:


Cost of Vanquish at Allure:

$568 per session*

*with the purchase of a treatment package

First, let’s break down those numbers. According to the latest data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of liposuction is around $3,500. What you actually pay could vary depending on where you’re located and who you’re getting liposuction from. And while that initial cost may not seem too far off from the cost of Vanquish, that average price of liposuction only covers the procedure itself, not anesthesia and other expenses. And don’t forget that you may need follow-up procedures to ensure smooth, even results you’re happy with.

Vanquish costs $710 per session at Allure, and Kelly typically recommends four sessions. With the purchase of four sessions, Kelly’s clients receive one Vanquish treatment for free, which is an additional $710 value (and an average session cost of just $568!). Not only that, but Kelly’s Vanquish process begins with a body sculpting Vanquish Exilis session—a bonus $300 value—at no cost to you. Kelly includes an Exilis session to kickstart the fat melting process in a way that ensures even results that maximize your investment.

Lower the cost of your Vanquish plan with an Allure membership!

If you still want to shave dollars off your Vanquish plan with Allure (after all, who wouldn’t?), a one-time purchase of one of our exclusive club memberships can save you 10, 15, or 20% off any service, all year long. Our 20% off membership can save you a whopping $142 per Vanquish treatment. Call Kelly to learn more and find out what your total cost could be for a Vanquish treatment package. We promise it won’t compare to what you’d pay for liposuction.

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