The Benefits of Lip Filler


Your lips are essential to how you feel about yourself. They’re where kisses take place, where smiles and frowns are shaped, and what people look at while you’re talking.

If you’ve ever wanted more volume in your lips, cosmetic lip filler is a safe, common way to improve the shape of your lips either slightly or dramatically. The treatment is multiple injections of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring solution which promotes cell regeneration.

Aside from the volume that lip filler gives you, there are several other benefits to this cosmetic injection treatment.


  1. You can get a little or a lot.


If celebrity lip treatments look too fake for your taste, you can opt to have a small amount of the filler injected. While the change in volume will be enough for you to notice, others might not be able to pin down what about your face has changed. That means a more satisfying look for yourself with only subtle changes in your lip shape.

Since the treatments are done across the span of several months and you can decide during each session how much of the solution you want, you’re always in control of the speed of your transformation.


  1. The effects are long lasting, but not permanent.


The effects of lip filler lasts from six months to a year before beginning to wear off. That means when you try out the treatment, you’re not stuck with it if you decide it’s not for you.

However, if you find that the injections improve your life, you only have to come in occasionally to have the procedure repeated. And since the appointment only takes around thirty minutes, it costs you minimal effort to maintain the look you want.


  1. You can gradually decide your level of filler.


If you’re unsure exactly the kind of results you want, you can always start off slow. A small injection for the first few treatments is enough to see a small difference in your lip volume. It’s completely fine to stop there and only do maintenance treatments if you like your look.

But if you decide you want a more dramatic change, you can always talk with your nurse about increasing the injection amounts. You’re always in control of the how much or how little solution is injected—so don’t feel like you need to know your entire treatment plan right from the get go.


Lip filler injections are the easiest, safest way to discover a richer, fuller lip without permanent plastic surgery. Call Allure Med Spa today at (417) 720-1672 or set an appointment online to discuss with one of our nurses the kind of results you’d like to see.

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