The Benefits of IPL Treatments

As you age, your skin starts to show the signs of wear and tear over time. Examples of this

aging include dark spots, rosacea, sun spots and acne, and some people are more prone to one

of them versus another.


But it is possible to reverse your skin’s aging process. With the help of a high-tech laser device,

we are able to target the problem areas of your skin and eliminates the spots and splotches that

are holding you back.


What is IPL?

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. The therapy works by targeting damaged and discolored

areas of your skin with a laser that can be tuned to different frequencies. Depending on the

spots that you want to erase, the laser can be tuned to target only those kinds of cells.

The pulsed light disrupts the unwanted cells and destroys them, causing them to be re-

absorbed naturally into your body. The process is 100% non-invasive and the most common

side effects include minor redness and swelling that will recede after only a short time.


What are the benefits of IPL?

IPL can offer you a significant reduction in visible skin damage and aging, even in the most

severe cases. Where you used to have freckled arms with red and dark spots, you now can

have much clearer skin without the blemishes and discolorations.

That means you can embrace summer clothes without any hesitation or wear dresses and tank

tops without thinking twice about how you look. Your whole wardrobe and self-confidence can

be transformed with just a few pulses of a laser.


How long does it take for IPL treatments to start working?

You will start to see results after the very first session, but the most dramatic results will come

after at least three IPL sessions. These sessions are spaced several weeks apart in order to

give your body time to adjust to the re-absorption process. That means after only a few months,

your rosacea, acne and dark spots will virtually vanish from the surface of your skin.


There’s no reason to wait to get started on this easy, non-invasive procedure. Call Allure Med

Spa today at 417-720- 1672 or schedule your consultation online to take your first step.

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